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Medical robots today and tomorrow

The quality of our lives often correlates with our health. Everyday we try to find new ways to have one more day to live.

Medicine has done a long way from Hippocrates, we have invented vaccine, we understood that bacteria where infecting people during the operations but a long trip as to be done. The new era of technology has open a new world to us.

There are many notable fields which could change the course of medical history, but in today an in general in this blog I will try to inform you about robotics role in medicine in the near future.

Many exciting things are happening in these fields right now and in this blog I will try to shed some light on questions about medical robots.

The surgery

Medical robots they help doctor to do surgeries, in fact all existing surgery robots on this day are actually cleverly made manipulators controlled by competent doctors. A future where machine can decide independently is still to came, but I don't believe that is too far away.

There are two fields where surgical robots are being developed and tested. One is telerobotics which enables a doctor to do a surgery at a distance. The other field is minimally invasive surgery - surgery done without making large cuts.

This second option is the beginnig point to develop the first one. With the da Vinci robot surgery system a doctor can manage a complex operation without touching the patient. Three to four arms are inserted in the body of the person and are controlled by the surgeon. The distance still very small as the controller and the robot must be in the same room, but in a short time that problem would be overcame, and telesurgery would be possible. In fact for that reason was developed this system, the army needed to have good doctors but was not logical to send them to dangerous field. But I will continue this in another article.

Robots and hospitals

Hospitals are similar to factories. A lot of the works that has to be done are just simple activities that can easily be done by some kind of automatic machine. Or example, cleaning, carrying things around, giving medicine to patients or collecting orders. Some other tasks need a lot of strength like lifting heavy persons, moving big machine, or taking a patient safely from one point to another.

Just to resume, all this tasks can be done by medical robots. And many of them are almost ready to go in the marked and they would became an important part of hospitals.

Bionic Implants

The science is trying since long time to give humans a second chance, probably in a short time there will be bionic legs, kidneys, eyes and all kind of human body parts. I would de aware of this matter as so many new high tech company are reaching good results.


This will be the future, The idea is to develop really small devices able to perferom operation without any interfence with the rest of the body. Immagine destroy cancer cells one by one, repairing nerves or eyes, in few words just imagination can be a limit. But this tecnologies is still to came, is in research now and we don't know when ould be available, I'll make research for you.

I hope that this first article would be one of many and if you believe that is interesting please invite your friend to sign in www.med-robots.com .