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» Bausche Type 535
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Da Vinci S HD

Launched in April 2009, the da Vinci Si introduces several changes, the most important is the double control system. Two console can be attached to the main robot and control it. In this way beginners have the chance to operate under the control of an expert surgeon, that can stop the first console with a single button.

This can permit also to interchange surgeon during the operation without waste of time. The console has more intuitive settings and a touchpad control interface offers comprehensive control of video, audio and system settings.

High video standard

» Surgical system with 3D HD vision
» Panoramic 16:9 aspect ratio is 30% wider
» 20% more viewing area
» Minimum interference between endoscope and instruments
» 3 possible endoscope (2-D and 3-D)
» Improved view of detail of tissue
Precision and Control

» Double console control
» Easy training and colaboration
» Fingertip control of EndoWrist®Instruments
» Intuitive ® Movement
» Motion scaling & tremor reduction
» Extended length instruments enable multi-quadrant access
» Slim, telescoping instrument arms
» Improved selection of EndoWrist instruments
» Improved range of movement of Endo wrist instruments
» Touchpad for easy programming

» Optimal hand-eye alignment
» Immersive stereo viewer
» Comfortable seated posture
» More comfortable position of patient
Easier Setup and compability

» Touchpad
» Recallable setting for each user
» Motorized Patient Cart
» Quick-click cannula mounts for simplified patient docking
» Touchscreen scope configuration
» Ready to use sterile packages
» 3d arm on top
» Multi input diplay
» Touch screen monitor
» Status LED