Special Equipment
» Cytocare
» Bausche Type 535
» CompacT SelecT

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Da vinci system

In 1999 the first da Vinci system was finished, and for various years as been the best medical robots available on the market. Today thanks to software upgrade still a really good instrument, with a 3 D view of the operation and the first era of endowrist available, that are able to have a 180 degree angle of rotation. The endoscope can give a 2D or a 3D view, and the robots are able to perform most of the surgical operation.

In few word a good robot a with a minimum cost. You can give your patients an incredible service with a small investment and when everybody would have understood the advantages of this technology you can decide to upgrade the system and we would be there to help you again.

High standard views

» 3-channel vision system
» High resolution 3-D image
» Panoramic view of the field
» 2-D view available
Precision and Control

» 3 robotic arms enable Solo Surgery ™
» 3 Possible endoscope available
» Fingertip control of EndoWrist® Instruments
» Motion scaling and tremor reduction
» Exceptional range of movements possible
Superior Ergonomics

» Perfect alignment of visual and motor axes
» High resolution stereo viewer
» Comfortable seated posture
» Min stress for doctor
» Min stress for patient