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Buying Guide

When looking for a medical equipment normally you know very well what needs it must satisfy, but often it happens that they are underutilized or they’re not the quality that you hoped.

Med robots provide every sale with warranty for a periods between 3 and 6 months , and ensures support so that you can get to fully benefit from the purchase. In recent years, technology has made ​​great strides especially thanks to robotics, but not always is easy to understand for everyone. Old school Surgeons find hard to believe that the arms of robots can be more precise than those of a person. The distrust of certain devices still high, but the statistical studies show that the efficiency of operation using advanced media increases exponentially. The hospitalization of a patient decreases by 70%.

If you decide to buy a used machinery you must learn how to extricatein a jungle of questions that need an answer to get to a good result

  • Am I buying a working equipment?
  • How can I be sure that it works?
  • And the service?
  • The documents?
  • When is available?

Am I buying a working equipment?

It’s the first question that arises any buyer and the one that drives most of the people to purchase a new one (sometimes spending more than double). Med robots controls and test each machine, in addition we give you a warranty for a period of 6 months. This service is not offered normally on internet or offered when you buy at an auction. Often companies with good liquidity, but with little experience, buy in hospitals and then they try to get their money back as soon as possible, not carrying about the condition of the equipment.

How can I be sure that it works?

Before every purchase you can come at our taller to try the machine, if you like it and buy it, then we will came to you to installed it and tested it again, if it doesn’t work properly we ould take it back or replace it with another. Who can offer you so much?

And the service?

Thanks to a series of agreements in various countries we have a whole series of technical and will be happy to give you the support you need as well as carry out any repairs. We won’t leave you alone, we follow your path step by step.

The documents?

We will provide you all user manuals and documents that certify the history of the device with information ranging from the year of production to the number of operations carried out and the assistance it has received. As far as possible we will give you all the information that others do not want to give you because you may discover defects. We want to give an equipment as much as possible similar to the new.

When is available?

Very often those who sell this type of equipment before they try to find a buyer and then the seller, and that can leaves you months waiting. Med robots every day has a database with all the equipment that can be sent in a short time because we make available only after they have been tested. If we don’t have it we can search in our very large database for you, and if we found it would be given you only after all the test and with our warranty.