Special Equipment
» Cytocare
» Bausche Type 535
» CompacT SelecT

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Why a used device ?

Med robots used equipment offers high quality certificated and guaranteed, and all this with the opportunity to save up to 60% compared to the regular price list. All without saving on quality and with the prospect of being able to recoup the spending in the short term. Even with a limited budgets we are able to offer a good services to our customers'. Imagine what would be the wonder of a person when would learn that after the operation with few days of recovery can return to his normal activities. Today, thanks to Med-robots you can offer all this with a little investment.

In addition, Med robots only sells equipment that has available, not like big companies that make you wait long periods before delivery. Today we all know how important the time factor is, the time is money.

In summary :

1.You would save money
2. Short time of amortization
3. Available now